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rwfcnm494jmx7m that might work idk

It worked, thank you very very much! :)

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Does anyone have skin codes or Riot wards codes that they didn’t use on the EUW server and are willing to share?

shared on 9/2/14
Oh my, with that Crazy Cat lady Jinx, I can imagine the chompers being a row of cats and when champs walk past them the cats clings on to their feet xD

That’s totally how it should be! I can totally see her ulting with a mega powerful nyan cat :D

shared on 9/2/14
I feel we need a crazy cat lady Jinx skin

You’re totally right, I love Jinx and I love cats so I would most likely pay for it.

shared on 9/2/14
Hi, I was just at Dragon*Con, and I came into possession of a Riot ward skin and a dragonslayer pantheon skin, and I Don't actually play league, and was wondering if you, or your followers would like to purchase them? $20 for the pair. Message me by the third of September if you're interested, as they do expire. Thanks!

Hi! Fine i’m sharing this, in case anyone would be interested :)

shared on 8/29/14

#389 I’ve spent so much money on skins to just be like



shared on 8/28/14

betta fish nami sketch over lunch? betta fish nami skin idea….

That’s beautiful.

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Lunar Revel Nidalee

Can’t find a source for this, let me know if you happen to know who is the artist.